Safety and efficiency

Roof and Protective Scaffolding Systems

Cost-effective and labor-saving roof covering for weatherproofing and temporary halls. Cassette roofs have become a firm favorite on construction sites, with additional floors being added as well as being used for jobs such as renovation and restoration work.

The structure itself and all equipment are protected during conversion or roof repair work, and all work continues under a secure roof. Easy-to-open roof cassettes for material supply can be pre-assembled at ground level and then applied with a crane walkway and a roof span of more than 27m.

Industrial Construction Scaffolding Services

We offer scaffolding solutions that increase work efficiency, as well as providing safety transportation in all work disciplines in an industrial facility. Industrial assembly works such as piping, electrical, instrumentation require working in high and hard-to-reach areas. Choosing and using the right scaffolding has a significant impact on the efficient and safe execution of work in all work disciplines. For this reason, the priority is in the scaffolding installation. 

Facade Scaffolding Systems

The Safe Exterior Scaffolding provides maximum safety for employees while exterior works are being carried out in high-rise buildings. It is a scaffolding system that ensures the safety of pedestrians within the settlement. Its elements consist of frame, horizontal and diagonal elements, as well as sheet metal planks, ladder with cover, side rails and kick boards.

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