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Oil removal and chemical cleaning

The degreasing process, which is obligatory especially in pipelines in oxygen facilities and cryogenic storage tanks, can be carried out within our company by using appropriate equipment and chemicals. We are able to provide a complete service, including the closed system project, installation and application, and disposal of the chemicals used.


In stainless steel, passivation means removing free iron from the metal surface using an acid solution to prevent corrosion. While stainless steel transforms from semi-finished product to storage tank, equipment and pipeline, its structure changes with heat input at the welding points. We extend the life of stainless steel by picking and passivation with the right chemicals to reduce the chemical reactivity of the surface.

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As DETA, we work on isolation, mechanics, maintenance and scaffolding that industrial facilities need in their production and maintenance processes. We provide reliable, efficient and high quality service with our team with international business experience.