Effective protection against corrosion

Paint Selection

Factors such as customer standards, ambient conditions, product temperature in the equipment or pipe, exposure to sun or sea water, and the contact of the paint with the product in the equipment play an important role in the selection of paint. With the paint selection made under the supervision of the paint supplier, the paint system with the highest corrosion resistance in the region to be applied is selected.

All human structures such as industrial steel structures, pipelines, equipment, storage tanks, platforms, chimneys, wind turbines, bridges, ships and so on need corrosion protection. With the paint system chosen and applied correctly, resistance to corrosion can be provided for the required period of time. At this point, DETA can provide the comprehensive support that the customer may need with its engineering approaches.

Surface Preparation

The surface preparation that should be done before starting the paint job is the process of treating the surface to increase the adhesion of the paint. The most important factor affecting paint performance is the quality of the surface preparation. Surface preparation can be done mechanically or chemically, depending on the nature of the paint to be applied. As DETA, we can perform surface preparation with mechanical cleaning, pressurized water cleaning, sandblasting and chemical cleaning methods.

Paint Application

Starting from the suitability of the storage conditions of the paint, the paint application process continues by mixing the right mixture in proportions. After the surface preparation and control of the ambient conditions, the application of the paint system can be started. We achieve the best results with our applications under the control of paint suppliers with our professional teams. Quality reports of our work in accordance with the relevant quality standards can be prepared in line with customer demand.

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