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Hammadde ve yardımcı ürünler

Raw materials

Rigid Polyurethane Systems; It has superior values than other raw materials with its heat insulation, load carrying capacity, long service life, moisture resistance, easy applicability and many other features. The high physical and chemical resistance of these systems increases their use in the industrial field day by day.

  • Isocyanate Polymeric MDI
  • Polyether Polyols
    Injection insulation (pipe and tank)
    Spray insulation (roof, facade, terrace, foundation insulation)

Polyurea Systems; These systems, which have a high curing rate due to their structure, provide high mechanical and chemical resistance on the surface on which they are applied, and completely prevent waterways thanks to their seamless application.

  • Pure Polyurea systems;
    They are two-component systems that are 100% composed of amines and can be applied with solvent-free, high physical strength mobile spray injection machines.
  • Hibrit Poliürea Sistemler;
    Hybrid Polyurea Systems are formed by diffraction of polyether amines with different special materials and are two-component economic systems that can be applied with mobile spray injection machines with high UV resistance and solvent-free.

Auxiliary Products; Methylene Chloride, DMF, Rigid Release Agent, UV resistant Paint for Polyurea (topcoat), Primer for Polyurea

Our services include the sale of raw materials, auxiliary products, glass wool and rock wool, pumps, valve and flange jackets, aluminum and stainless coils with various properties to be used in heat, water and sound insulation.

Glass Wool and Rock Wool

It is produced by melting inorganic raw materials at 1200ºC and turning them into fibers. It can be prepared in different sizes and technical features, in the form of plates, pipes and casts, depending on the place and purpose of use. Generally, stone wool can be used at high temperatures and glass wool at low temperatures. It can be manufactured as sheet and pipe in galvanized wire braided and foil-coated options.

Pump, Valve and Flange Jackets

Since Pumps, Valves and flanges are maintenance-requiring points, we recommend choosing jacket type insulation, which is much more comfortable to disassemble and install, instead of making boxes with fixed insulation in these areas. Jacket systems are prepared by using rock wool or ceramic wool in a UV protected textile structure that is resistant to external factors. It is specially manufactured by taking the size of the place to be used and taking into account the temperature information of the fluid in the system.

Aluminum and Stainless Coil

It is an insulation component used as a protective outer surface coating, providing mechanical protection for aluminum and stainless material, tank, pipe and equipment insulation systems. It protects the other components of the insulation from physical damage, UV rays, corrosive atmospheric conditions and water, and provides integrity in the structure. It is produced in various technical specifications and thicknesses, embossed and flat, according to the ambient conditions to be used in accordance with international standards.

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